Subject Re: 32bit 64bit advice please
Author Adam
> > We have a big hairy 64 bit 8Gb four-core Windows 2003 machine
> purchased
> > to run a whole slew of MS SQL Server database apps. We are currently
> > waiting for delivery of 64-bit MS SQL Server so we can begin migrating
> > these apps to big hairy.
> >
> > I also have a couple of Firebird database apps which need a platform.
> >
> > Which version of Firebird should I install on big hairy?
> Since you're running Windows the current released versions are only
> 32bit (64bit is coming with v2.1).
> It is not a problem to run FB 32bit on Windows 64bit.

Also, because you are running 4 cores, Classic Server will better
allow you to make use of SMP capabilities. Superserver is limited to a
single core.