Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb 1.5.4 - RDB$RELATION_FIELDS not in RDB$RELATIONS
Author Aage Johansen
Martijn Tonies wrote:
>> [SET:]
>> There's just no way that Aage (the only person that has worked with the
>> table in question) would have fiddled with system tables this way on our
>> main database unless we had encountered serious problems.
> Doesn't Aage use IBExpert? I'm not saying IBE caused this, but we do
> know it does more with the system tables than, for example, DBW.

No. He uses IB_SQL (and scripts created in ConText or some such tool).
Occasionally I use FlameRobin, or I walk over to Svein Erling to have
him do "something complicated".

According to the best of my recollection:
Some tables and a procedure were created.
At some point I decided that the tables should have "better" names, so
. SP was dropped
. tables were dropped
. new tables created
. new SP created ("create or alter ...")
I cannot recall whether I disconnected between the operations - I
usually do in these circumstances. Maybe the server should have been
stopped as well (because of the SP change)? Or, waiting a few
minutes before reconnecting???
After some rounds of changes on the test db (and also on the
production db) not much seems clear as to what happened, when, or how.
I thought (hoped) that creating/dropping objects that no one else
uses would by safe (when using SQL).

Aage J.
Not looking forward to creating a new db and pumping data (late
evening or weekend work).