Subject Re: cannot create new Firebird DB
Author bodhitree2
--- In, "Milan Babuskov" <milanb@...>
> --- bodhitree2 wrote:
> > Thus I'm officially giving up.
> Please don't give up that easily. I am almost certain that the problem
> is the fact that directory is within your home directory. Try to do
> the following:
> - create a directory in root of your filesystem hierarchy, something
> like /databases
> - set owner and group to firebird
> - set 770 or 777 privileges
> - try to create the database using localhost:/databases/ prefix
> milanb@milanws:~$ ls -ld /databases
> drwxrwx--- 6 firebird firebird 1512 2007-07-06 15:56 /databases/
> If this doesn't help either, please let us know. There are ways to
> find out what is actually failing by using tools like strace.
> </M>

Hi Milan,

Thanks for keeping hope alive. Your advice worked.

I had a root folder (/test) that was set to 777 permissions which did
nothing. Then I chown'd to firebird:firebird and Viola! I could
create a database w/o being root.

But I couldn't connect to it. So as root I changed the perms on the
FDB file to 777. And now I can connect to it and do things.

I've subsequently tried folders owned by firebird, but not in / (in
folder owned by my regular user) and it doesn't work. Thus I'm
guessing that in order to work with Firebird DB's in Debian the entire
folder path must be owned by firebird user.

Although, I have other Debian systems where this is not the case.
However, I've never tried to create a new DB on those systems; merely
dropped in a pre-existing DB.

Thank You very much, most appreciated

Andy Koch