Subject cannot create new Firebird DB
Author bodhitree2
I've been trying to create a new Firebird DB on Debian Firebird 1.5
install. Unless I use root I get...

"operating system directive open failed"

I've found and followed the advice in this post...


I've ensured the folder to where I'm attempting to create is
permissions 777. I've also added my non-root user to "firebird"
group. Finally, I'm using 'sysdba' acct to attempt DB creation.

But this continues to vex me.

There more to the story. I have pre-existing Firebird db's which I've
dropped onto the Debian machine, and I can work with those DB's just fine.

I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better off just copying a DB that
does work and dropping all it's tables, possibly rename it and get on
with life.

But maybe someone here knows what I'm doing wrong?


Andy Koch