Subject Re: Migrating from IB5.6 to FB1.5: deleting procedures with keyword names
Author bausufm
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
> > Hi Alan,
> > thanks for your reply.
> > i did a backup and restore with fb1.5.
> > but still i get "token unknown" when i do a "drop procedure month".
> > do i have to backup/restore with specail settings?
> > what do you mean with "SP's will be truncated"?
> >
> > Falko
> >
> I discovered this by accident. I had an SP which contained a variable
> CURRENT_ROLE which I used in IB6. When I restore in FB1.5, there is
no error
> or warning, but the SPs using this variable were simply truncated
after the
> word AS. So I had to then recreate them.
> I think you'll have to change the name in 5.6, then upgrade.
> Alan

What about dropping procedures via system table modification?