Subject Migrating from IB5.6 to FB1.5: deleting procedures with keyword names
Author bausufm
I Have old databases with 3 procedures named day, month and year.
The DB's where created under IB5.6.
Now they run under FB1.5. with Dialect 1.
Because day,month, year are now keywords, i tried to drop the procedures.
But dropping with "drop procedure month"
gets error "token unknown ... month".

Is there another way to get rid of those procedures having keywords?
dropping the procedures under IB5.6. is not a solution.
Is it save to delete the procedures from the system tables like this

delete from rdb$procedures where rdb$procedure_name="MONTH"
delete from rdb$procedure_paramters where rdb$procedure_name="MONTH"

did i miss some other system tables?

if i use old interbase gds32.dll "drop procedure month" works fine?!?!
With fbclient.dll not?!?!
So, what do the client-dlls have to do with SQL-Statements executed on
the server?
I thought they only pass the sql-statements as is?

Thanks in advance