Subject Re: [firebird-support] Tie X.509 certificate to username
Author Milan Babuskov
Koen Vermeer wrote:
> I want to set up a database server that is connected to the Internet.
> Therefore, I want my users to use SSL/TLS/X.509 certificates. I provide
> these certificates to the users, so I can control the information that
> is in there. Can I set up Firebird to use SSL/TLS/X.509 and map a
> SSL/TLS/X.509 certificate to a specific user?


The closes thing you can do is to setup SSL tunnels (stunnel) and use
system firewall to lock up the server (don't allow any direct
connections except from localhost) to force every connection to go
through SSL. The only think you lose is the have a direct
certificate=user connection which you'll only be able to catch while
they are online.

Milan Babuskov