Subject Tie X.509 certificate to username
Author Koen Vermeer

I want to set up a database server that is connected to the Internet.
Therefore, I want my users to use SSL/TLS/X.509 certificates. I provide
these certificates to the users, so I can control the information that
is in there. Can I set up Firebird to use SSL/TLS/X.509 and map a
SSL/TLS/X.509 certificate to a specific user?

Just to explain why: Suppose that user A and user B both have a
different, but valid certificate. They can both use their certificate to
connect to the server, but then use the username of the other user to
log in. I want to make sure that each user is connected with his/her
specific certificate.

Is there a way to set this up? If so, how? If not, what would be a nice
workaround to achieve something similar?

Thanks for any pointers!