Subject Problem with gfix
Author aertjan
Hi there,

We are working with an in house developped application that uses
Firebird 1.5 on Red Hat Linux 8 as back-end server. As of today I
cannot do an update on a table. I entered the update statement in
isql and it simply hangs. Also when trying to access the table via
MS Access it hangs when trying to go to the last record. On the
other hand I can do a fuill table scan using a select * from ...
Therefore I think I have a corruption on the index of one of the two
foreign keys. So I would like to check it using gfix. And this is
what happens

[root@R2D2 bin]# ./gfix -v -full /data/COIVOCSC/DB/coivocsc.fdb
bad parameters on attach or create database
-secondary server attachments cannot validate databases

I've also tried specifying user and password. Still the same.

Someone any idea?

Kind regards

Jan Aerts