Subject Union table problem
Author Almond
I have a db using firebird- I created a self union join and
got strange result.

create view bb (bb_pid, bb_2) as
select a_pid, a2 from a
select a_pid, a3 from a

a2 and a3 are computed field. a_pid is the primary key.

Table c
c_pid c_bb_pid
1 4
2 4

select c_pid, c_bb_pid fromc c, bb
where c.c_bb_pid = bb.bb_pid ( RETURN 2 only)

select c_pid, c_bb_pid fromc c, a
where c.c_bb_pid = a.a_pid ( RETURN 1 & 2 )

Is that I do something wrong ? Please advice.


Almond Wong

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