Subject question about the FB superserver cache
Author Puigsegur, Jordi
Hi all,

We have a ~2 Gig database which acts as a cache of information behind a
busy webpage. This database is read-intensive + some inserts. We have
been gradually increasing the number of cache pages (i.e. the
firebird.conf file: DefaultDbCachePages = 50000). So far each increase
has turn out in a performance improvement. We would like to know how far
can we keep increasing this parameter and experience performance
improvement? We run FB 2.0 on Windows 2K3, with lots of memory
available (obviously that is a limit). Since we use 4Kb. pages the fb
process occupies ~200 Mb.

Any experiences with FB 2.0 superserver with lots of cache pages on
Windows? Any advise?

And finally, is there any way to set up different values for different


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