Subject Re: No message for error code NNNNNN found
Author Dan Cooperstock
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> From Firebird's POV it should. Check whether the create date on
> is the same as the create date on your (renamed) fbembed.dll. The
> msg file is generated during the build process...

The create date was my hint that allowed me to fix it. It actually
seems to be the modify date that is relevant, because in Windows when
you copy a file, it always seems to get a new create date. It seems
when I asked VisualStudio.NET to pick up that file from my C:\Program
Files\Firebird directory where I had installed the Embedded FB, it
copied it in some way that changed the modified date to the current

Yesterday I had done a byte-by-byte compare on those two copies of
the file (the one installed with Embedded FB, and the one in my
application's directory) and they were identical. But the modified
date was different. When I re-copied the file by hand, so that the
modified date was the same, everything started working.

I have to admit that's a bit weird. Is that an actual test in the
Firebird code - don't use the firebird.msg file unless it's modified
date is the same as that in the fbclient.dll or fbembed.dll? Wouldn't
it make more sense to have it based on some sort of embedded version