Subject No message for error code NNNNNN found
Author Dan Cooperstock
I've seen this discussed here before, but it hasn't solved my problem.

I'm getting an error where it is obviously unable to look up error
messages in firebird.msg, because it says "No message for error code
NNNNN found".

It's a .NET application using embedded FB, and I have my application,
fbclient.dll (which is a copy of fbembed.dll),
FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.dll, firebird.conf and firebird.msg all
in the directory where the program is executing. The RootDirectory in
firebird.conf points to that same directory (though apparently this is
the default, so it shouldn't even be needed).

Any ideas what could be wrong?


P.S. I hope this won't appear twice - I tried posting it from my
Newsreader on the associated Atkin newsgroup, but nothing happened, so
I'm doing it directly on the Yahoo group.