Subject Re: Create view from join(s) of table and stored procedure?
Author Adam
--- In, Elias Sabbagh <ehs@...> wrote:
> Adam-
> I think we're on the right track with the view definition, and
thanks. I
> understand why we have to use a left join -- because the table on
the left
> is the only true table, and the server has to loop through it first,
> calling the SP for each record... I've gone ahead and used your SQL to
> define the view.
> Unfortunately, now I'm getting a "Dynamic SQL Error: feature is not
> supported" message! I think that I'm going to have to try a different
> tack. Perhaps pure stored-procedures instead of views.

I have never tried doing that inside a view (I have joined to a stored
procedure from in a similar way via a standard query from our app).
You could certainly do it with a stored procedure (you wouldn't even
need to do the join in the query, that could be inside the for select

Does the select work in its own right? If so it may be a limitation of