Subject Re: Help me : my database Xorrupy and backup resore dont repair it !
Author mnavahan
--- In, Aage Johansen <aagjohan@...>
> it possible to guess at what is happening).
> Firebird version (or Interbase).
> Server type (SS or CS)
> OS (Win ?/Linux ?/ ?)
> Client (OS etc.)
> Messages in the log file.
> ...
> --
> Aage J.

i think i dont do comment good :

1. after i try load Database in ibexpert i can not load it and
ibexpert hang in load(open) database
.2 then try check database in many option for limbo transaction,and
validate full database seems no any error
3. try load database ... same problem
4.try back it and resore database....problem dont resolved ....
5.if i select only metadata in backup restore problem solved but many
data of me lost :(

Firbird 2.0.1
os Win XP SP2
cheack in server side
ibexpert lastest edition
system AMD64 5200+ with 2GByte ram