Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help me : my database Xorrupy and backup resore dont repair it !
Author Aage Johansen
mnavahan wrote:
> i have database wiith arround 20MB size
> when try open it with ibexert DBExplorer fast show some text and
> Ibexpert do hang ....
> tying validation show db HAVE NOT error,also mend ,and .... not any help
> trying backup and restore dont resolve my problem ...
> this bug in ibexpert or my db corrupt ?
> how resove this ?
> i have backupof database from morining but some data add in it ....

As I understand it:
"mend" is used to make it possible to make a backup of a corrupt database.
A restored database should not be corrupt, unless
a) you are still looking at the old (unrestored) version (by mistake), or
b) you have introduced a new corruption.
You might ask the people with ibsurgeon (or IBPhoenix) to try to help
you fix your database.

You have not provided any info on your system (which might have made
it possible to guess at what is happening).
Firebird version (or Interbase).
Server type (SS or CS)
OS (Win ?/Linux ?/ ?)
Client (OS etc.)
Messages in the log file.

Aage J.