Subject Problems with language specific characters
Author c_lauerde

I'm new to Firebird (2.0.1 / Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2003 Server).

I created a new db with character set UTF8 and ANSI_CHARSET. If I try
to insert a record with a field containing e.g. german umlauts like Ä
or Ü the record will not be inserted. The same happens with
DEFAULT-CHARSET and character set WIN1252. Without those characters
the insert will be done.

Error message: "Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that
does not preclude successful execution of subsequent statements.
number of seconds required." (DB frontend is IBExpert)

As UTF8 and WIN1252 are recognizing international characters I wonder
why I can't store those characters to the database?

Thanks for any help.
Christian Lauer