Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with language specific characters
Author Stefan Heymann
I think it would be better to post that to an IBExpert support group.

In Firebird, there is no such thing as ANSI_CHARSET or DEFAULT-CHARSET.

German Umlauts will be stored correctly by using one of these Firebird
Character Sets:
- ISO8859_1
- WIN1252
- UTF8

However, your client (IBExpert in this case) must know how to handle
it, especially UTF8 (which is a form of Unicode).

Viele Grüße


> I'm new to Firebird (2.0.1 / Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2003 Server).

> I created a new db with character set UTF8 and ANSI_CHARSET. If I try
> to insert a record with a field containing e.g. german umlauts like Ä
> or Ü the record will not be inserted. The same happens with
> DEFAULT-CHARSET and character set WIN1252. Without those characters
> the insert will be done.

> Error message: "Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that
> does not preclude successful execution of subsequent statements.
> number of seconds required." (DB frontend is IBExpert)

> As UTF8 and WIN1252 are recognizing international characters I wonder
> why I can't store those characters to the database?

> Thanks for any help.
> Christian Lauer