Subject Newbie database structure (Maybe OT!)
Author kogerbnz

First, if this question is off topic, please direct me to a correct
newsgroup/forum. I think it's ok, but since the question is kind of
general it may not be for this "Firebird" forum. Let me know..

I'm starting using databases and choose Firebird because I'm
developing in Delphi, heard a lot of good stuff about Firebird and
have a "good feeling" about the quality, so far ;-)

Here is the question:

I'm making a training program, and you can add various "activities",
running, biking etc. Some of the fields for these different activities
will be the same, like heart rate, duration, time, but some will not
such as distance when doing strength exercises.

Since the activities are different, my first thought was to make a
table for each activity, as this seems to be the nicest way to order

I want to make a summary on exercise time in a week, and will be
querying all activities and sum up the time. This tells me that it
would be easiest to have all activities in one table

1) Should the common fields be in a common table or be in each
activity table?
2) Should I instead have one big table for all activities?
3) Something different.

Please remember that I'm a quite new to databases and don't know SQL
that well yet. The lack of SQL might lead me to focus on a wrong
solution, so the answer may be very simple to you :-)