Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Delphi7 (with dbexpress) on wine
Author Tom Lobato
> At 06:31 AM 27/05/2007, you wrote:
> >The fbserver runs on localhost, where firewall allows full access. In
> >all cases of fbserver (fbserver.exe on wine,
> >linux fb2, linux fb1) that I described I can connect with isql and
> >execute selects on the database that the
> >executable uses. The problem shoulb beon the client side. The messages:
> >
> >ubuntu (Client) Sat May 26 13:12:57 2007
> > INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10065
> >
> >ubuntu (Client) Sat May 26 13:13:02 2007
> > INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10065
> >
> >appears in firebird.log, so I think that something is arriving to db (I
> >don`t know if it arrives in the right way).
> No, it means your application (the Client)
> attempted to connect to a Firebird server in a
> Windows environment and the request failed
> because the Windows host (Wine in this case)
> could not establish a route to this Windows server.
> >My .ini file:
> >
> >[Requisição]
> >DriverName=UIB FireBird15
> >BlobSize=-1
> >CommitRetain=False
> >Database=localhost:C:\Projeto_requisicao\base_de_dados\dbrequisicao.fdb
> This is a Windows file specification. You have
> Firebird 1.5 running on Ubuntu. Your database
> has to be in a Linux directory in the physical
> filesystem and you use a Linux file specification to connect.
> Suppose you move the database to a directory
> named /base_de_dados, then your connection request would be:
> localhost:/base_de_dados/dbrequisicao.fdb

No, I tried run 3 different servers for test, for each one I changed the
'Database=' parameter. I tried Firebird 1.5 on ubuntu, Firebird 2.0 on
ubuntu, and I tried Firebird 2.0 on wine on ubuntu. In the last case,
fbserver.exe must to receive the string
cause it is running on a "windows" system (although emulated).

>Both via localhost or local protocol it comes the same error.
> Only TCP/IP (including local loopback, i.e. via
> localhost) is possible for this
> environment. "Local protocol" is something quite
> different on Linux and won't work for any
> external client. Your Wine server is running
> your application as an external client.


>Where can I find a sample .exe (and a .fdb) which access firebird to
> >test on my system?
> The Quick Start Guide for Firebird. If it is
> missing from the Ubuntu installation, you can
> download it from the Firebird website, via the Fb
> 1.5 download page or the Documentation Index.
> ./hb

Thank you very much, I will try it.

Tom Lobato

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