Subject RE: [firebird-support] 2.01 no default SYSDBA
Author Leyne, Sean

> Any ideas why it would work from the command line, but not from script
> called by bat?

You need to combine your batch file with a Windows Script File or
Windows Host File script -- to allow you to define/associate a user
context to the execution of the batch file.

You can send your thanks to Microsoft, they have really clamped down of
the execution of 'unauthorized' functions.

I would recommend that you look into getting a distribution license for
a tool like IBEScript from IBExpert -- it does a great job for us in
running db scripts/trapping errors, etc...

A tool like it is a required item for any developer looking to deploy
FB/IB solutions.


P.S. Sorry Martijn, I wasn't sure if you had a similar tool... so I
didn't mention it.