Subject How to make my report quicker
Author heroes3lover
Hello everyone,
I got a problem and can anybody give me some light?
I have a product sales history table, huge data, select count(**)
will also take a crazy long time to wait. and the primary key is
storeid/plu/salesdate. Now I have one store group and users can add or
delete stores in this group.
problem is, I need to get the report of one period,i.e. the total
sales value, total sales quantity.
One store is ok, but when I want to get sum of the store group, it
can take one day to wait, very poor performance.
I hope I can add some summary history in our database, but it is very
annoying that user always change stores in a group, so i need to
refresh the summary history data, it also will be huge task and waste
we use firebird 1.5
can anybody give me some idea?

Thanks in advance