Subject RE: [firebird-support] How to make my report quicker
Author Leyne, Sean

> I got a problem and can anybody give me some light?
> I have a product sales history table, huge data, select count(**)
> will also take a crazy long time to wait. and the primary key is
> storeid/plu/salesdate. Now I have one store group and users can add or
> delete stores in this group.
> problem is, I need to get the report of one period,i.e. the total
> sales value, total sales quantity.
> One store is ok, but when I want to get sum of the store group, it
> can take one day to wait, very poor performance.
> I hope I can add some summary history in our database, but it is
> annoying that user always change stores in a group, so i need to
> refresh the summary history data, it also will be huge task and waste
> time.
> we use firebird 1.5
> can anybody give me some idea?

From your description, nothing seems terribly difficult -- I do it all
the time.

Can you provide the current SQL you are using and the PLAN generated,
along with the list of available indexes for the tables.

(Perhaps there is something obvious)