Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Fetch lag
Author Tetram Corp
remk_1 a écrit :
>> must the database be in 2.0 to or the correction is available even
> with
>> an "old" ODS?
>> i ask this question because i tested with the embedded version
> (2.0) and
>> the only effect i saw was that it need more fetch before having the
> lag.
> I wasn't able to reproduce the lags in FB2.0, although I'm not
> sure about the ODS. I would recommend you to try it with the new
> FB2.0 ODS as you propose. And if it doesn't help, make a test case
> and create a new log in FB tracker or reopen the old one. In my case
> the delay arose just on condition that there were two different
> database connections which were used to "pump" data between them.
I missed to mention it but it's my case too.
And yes the transaction is "multi-database". I tried with a
read-transaction (single database) and a write transaction (dual
transaction) but the problem is the same... Even it seems lag occured
more frequently.

> Sometimes it helped to disable hyperthreading in Bios. What makes me
> think your case has the same reason is the length of the lag. It was
> really precisely 60 seconds, probably some kind of lock conflict.
> Regards,
> Michal

i will search around those points
thx a lot