Subject Re: Fetch lag
Author remk_1
> must the database be in 2.0 to or the correction is available even
> an "old" ODS?
> i ask this question because i tested with the embedded version
(2.0) and
> the only effect i saw was that it need more fetch before having the

I wasn't able to reproduce the lags in FB2.0, although I'm not
sure about the ODS. I would recommend you to try it with the new
FB2.0 ODS as you propose. And if it doesn't help, make a test case
and create a new log in FB tracker or reopen the old one. In my case
the delay arose just on condition that there were two different
database connections which were used to "pump" data between them.
Sometimes it helped to disable hyperthreading in Bios. What makes me
think your case has the same reason is the length of the lag. It was
really precisely 60 seconds, probably some kind of lock conflict.