Subject Re: Firebird 2.0 Embedded and ODBC
Author Adam
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<klaus.schuebbe@...> wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> thank you for answering. So far, we got the stuff running nicely,
> copying all 4 DLLs adjacent to the application and then configuring
> the firebird.conf file to the firebird directory as described in the
> readme-file.
> Now, with the application running, next question is coming up: since
> we want to generate a "stickable" application without registry-
> entries etc., is it possible to deploy the stuff without an odbc-
> setup ?

Firebird itself does not need anything in the registry, as it bases it
on relative paths. The application we distribute does not contain any
setup, We literally copy the folder and fill in the required pieces of
info in the ini file, that is all.

But we do not use ODBC, so I do not know whether that environment will
expect some registry entries. Perhaps the firebird-odbc list will be a
more useful place to ask.