Subject Re: Best way to access Firebird from Delphi 7
Author Milan Babuskov
--- federonline wrote:
> However, I spent a LOT of time writing a namespace and objects that
> are portable to LINUX. If I had known at the time, I would have
> used something like

I've been using it since 2002, and yes it is great.

> Others have mentioned ADO, BDE, ODBC, etc. I found I get almost an
> order of magnitude better performance by not adding API/Interface
> layers to each query. I am in an environment where performance is a
> serious issue and specifically would NOT recommend ADO & BDE


Actually, I was asking this for one of my clients who want to develop
in-house applications with Delphi. Being a PHP and C++ programmer and
strong Linux proponent myself, I don't consider switching any time soon.

Thanks to everyone who replied.


Milan Babuskov