Subject Re: Best way to access Firebird from Delphi 7
Author Adam
--- In, Tetram Corp <dev@...> wrote:
> there's a lot of solutions:
> - BDE (depreac... uh... bannished)

I will personally come around and threaten great pain if you consider
this ;)

> - ADO/ODBC (i don't remember the toolbar name in delphi)

ADO, probably suffers from being a lowest common denominator.

> - IBX (by default in Dephi's components: toolbar "Interbase")

Based on Free IB Components. Suffers from lack of foresight IMNSHO. I
don't understand why most methods are not virtual. It makes creating a
descendent class a real PITA. Wants the legacy client, but everything
I have tried pretty much works.

> - IBO

Never used it but comes highly recommended from various folk in the list.

> - UIB

Again, never used it (although I think it is part of jedi as I have
seen the components in my VCL).

We took a different tact in writing our own. Internally we use IBX
components (for no good reason), but going this way allows us to
migrate with relatively little pain.

Si compiled a couple on his fbtalk website a while back:

Later versions of Delphi also have the .NET route.