Subject Re: Best way to access Firebird from Delphi 7
Author federonline

I use use BDS, specifically C++ Builder and I like the native drivers.

However, I spent a LOT of time writing a namespace and objects that
are portable to LINUX. If I had known at the time, I would have used
something like I have no relationship with them at all;
I find their tool very helpful for other things (simple queries where
I don't need a huge object). I believe I could (re)build my namespace
with their toolkit quite easily.

Others have mentioned ADO, BDE, ODBC, etc. I found I get almost an
order of magnitude better performance by not adding API/Interface
layers to each query. I am in an environment where performance is a
serious issue and specifically would NOT recommend ADO & BDE for that


> --- In, "Milan Babuskov" wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been completely ignorant about Delphi so far. I searched the
> archives and got some bits and pieces of information, but I'd like
> to hear your opinions and experiences.
> What is the best way to access Firebird from Delphi?
> If there are freeware/open source solutions they might have an edge,
> but I'm also interested in commercial ones. A set of short advices
> like 'XXX is good and free, but YYY feature doesn't work with it' is
> a kind of stuff I'm interested in.
> Thanks in advance to anyone who replies,
> Milan.