Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBOAdmin - remote backup
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:56 AM 16/05/2007, Rob wrote:
>I've written a Delphi application to backup and restore a Firebird DB
>using the IBOAdmin components. It works beautifully on a single PC
>(which is the server, of course) but when I try to use a client to do
>the backup, I get a variety of errors such as "Database file not
>found" (even though I can connect to it using a TIB_Connection). Is
>this a problem with the IBOBackupService settings or is it more

To add to Woody's comments...

1. You don't say what the other errors are that you are getting but
"Database file not found" means your app is looking in the wrong
place. OTOH, if it is really saying "Unavailable database" then it
means the server is not running on the remote host. The Service
Manager (which is invoked by IBOBackupService) has to connect to the database.

2. Check your remote connection string. You need a full remote path
(Server, Path and Protocol).

3. Accessing a database on a network share doesn't work, of
course. So check whether your app is baulking because your app
supplied a Windows network location in lieu of a pukka connection string.

4. Make sure your app provides a way to supply the username and
password of either SYSDBA or the database owner. No other user can
perform backups, and remote backups (intentionally) can't access the
ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD variables on either the client or the server.

5. If you want the backup file to be written across the network to
the user's hard drive, you can set up a share on the server to a
location on the user's system (or on some other network node, for
that matter). The backup file is just a file and can be written
anywhere that the server has filesystem rights.