Subject RE: Active directory
Author Nigel Weeks
> In the past, I have found (only once though) that trying to install
> Firebird 1.5 on the Domain Controller server would fail (something to
> do with invalid rights for the services if I remember well).
> Installing FB on a non-DC member server did work.

Hmmm. Perhaps Firebird needs a non-AD based user account to work...

> Today, I converted a member server with pre-installed FB 1.5 to DC
> status and that seemed to work...
> Nige, do you think the order in which you install things (ie. FB then
> AD vs. AD then FB) could have an impact? Have you ever installed FB
> after setting your server to be a Domain Controller?

No, I had Firebird running before AD went on. I'll try an experiment with
one of our backup DC's