Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBOAdmin - remote backup
Author Woody
> I've written a Delphi application to backup and restore a Firebird DB
> using the IBOAdmin components. It works beautifully on a single PC
> (which is the server, of course) but when I try to use a client to do
> the backup, I get a variety of errors such as "Database file not
> found" (even though I can connect to it using a TIB_Connection). Is
> this a problem with the IBOBackupService settings or is it more
> fundamental?
> If it is more fundamental is there an alternative to me writing a
> wrapper for gbak?

How are you trying to do the backup? You can not use IBOAdmin, IIRC, to
backup a server DB to a local backup copy. You have to have server relative
paths for both source and destination. I usually do this by backing up the
DB on the server (from the client) and then copying the backup file from the
server to the local machine. It appears the same to the user if the program
does it in the background.

Woody (TMW)