Subject SQL Update - Need Help
Author L

I need some assistance writing an SQL statement. Below are two tables
and I need to update the MAINSIC collumn in BIZ with the VAlue of SIC
in the BIZUNIT table that has the MAximum sales (if there are items
with equal sales, then it does not matter, though I might exclude a
few SIC categories).

I have done updates like this before where I have a 1 to 1
relationship and I just want the description, but never one where I
want the value of SIC based on it being the Maximum sales value.

BIZID Integer (PK)
BIZName char(60)

BizID Integer (PK)
RECID Integer (PK)
SIC char(10)
Sales Num(15,2)

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

- Lou