Subject 1.5.3 - 2.0.1 Upgrade confusion
Author dan_2474

I need to upgrade 1.5 - 2 to get the benefit of improved
of complex queries (inherited a terrible system - want to put it
right, but need to use complex views to emulate current structure
~2000 bespoke reports).

Following the prescribed method of backing up db's with 1.5's gbak,
then restoring after the upgrade with 2's gbak, I get the same query
plan problems I had under 1.5. However, if I simply do the server
upgrade, then backup & restore the db using 2's gbak, everthing is
fine - the optimiser chooses to use the indexes it should, and it's
lightning fast. The ods of the resulting db file is reported as 11.

My question is - am I creating a problem for myself here, or is this
something that should be OK to do?