Subject Re: 1.5.3 - 2.0.1 Upgrade confusion
Author Dan Fisher
--- In, "dan_2474" <danfisher31@...>
> Hi
> I need to upgrade 1.5 - 2 to get the benefit of improved
> optimisation
> of complex queries (inherited a terrible system - want to put it
> right, but need to use complex views to emulate current structure
> for
> ~2000 bespoke reports).
> Following the prescribed method of backing up db's with 1.5's gbak,
> then restoring after the upgrade with 2's gbak, I get the same
> plan problems I had under 1.5. However, if I simply do the server
> upgrade, then backup & restore the db using 2's gbak, everthing is
> fine - the optimiser chooses to use the indexes it should, and it's
> lightning fast. The ods of the resulting db file is reported as 11.
> My question is - am I creating a problem for myself here, or is
> something that should be OK to do?
> Dan

Sorry - I've given bad info here. It turns out that the problem is
with the machine that the backup/restore is being performed on.

The same db file backed-up and restored on one machine comes out at
55Mb and works fine, on another machine it comes out at 49Mb and
works, but really badly. Both machines are XP sp2.

Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this difference in
behaviour? Dan