Subject FB 1.52 and DSQL using Version 3
Author rayholme
I have been using Interbase since V3.5 and have been using DSQL almost
as long.

I have been using "Version 1" (constant of 1) in the below structure
and calls:

I recently needed BIGINT and upgraded all of the above references to
SQL Version to 3 as implied by the documentation I could find (why we
need the version in all of these calls beats me, but I suppose it
makes sure we are not confused - the SQLDA should be enough).

I now get an error from prepare with a SQL code of -804 with anything
I try and I can assure you it is not the query (no reserved words even).

Ann Harrison was kind enough to point out there had been a problem in
1.5x somewhere due to new features added which had a simple "switch"
to fix it to work as it used to without the new features. I read the
release notes for 1.5, 1.51 and 1.52 (great reading - well done)., but
avast there is no mention of a probrlem or fix there. I tried to
download the API thinking maybe some help was there (even though older
than 1.5x) - the API may perhaps be the only downloadable which does
not download (6 attempts all yield the zip file is mission 1.8MB; and
for some reason my browser thinks that it should be handled as a plain
text file - no other downloads I have tried on the site do this). I
have an OLD OSRI manual (yes there may be a few more somewhere but it
is a classic), but it predates isc_dsql_... so there is no hope there.
I also checked out Helen's great tome, and it leaves DSQL to the API
to describe. I have run out of places to look, soooooooo:

Does anyone know what Ann is referring to - is there some switch in
these calls or the SQLDA that I need to set in order to make the dsql
calls work (as they used to, but hopefully let me use a BIGINT too)???

Thanks for any light that can be shared.