Subject Firebird SS 2.0.1 Appears to be caching result sets?
Author Derek
Hi all,

Here's my setup at the moment:

SuSe 9.3 Pro
Firebird Superserver 2.0.1 with NPTL
One database with a table that gets updated at the rate of about 100
rows a minute or so.

Ok, so my problem is that whenever I run a query against the database
on the same connection (isql, or php) it returns the exact same
result set, even if 4,000 rows have been added. I gather that this is
probably expected behavior, and I'm probably too much of a Firebird
newbie to realize how to make it not cache the result sets like this,
but does anyone have any pointers? Can I do something akin to SELECT
NO_CACHE and have firebird fetch a fresh resultset?

Thanks in advance!