Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird SS 2.0.1 Appears to be caching result sets?
Author Pavel Cisar

Derek wrote:
> Ok, so my problem is that whenever I run a query against the database
> on the same connection (isql, or php) it returns the exact same
> result set, even if 4,000 rows have been added. I gather that this is
> probably expected behavior, and I'm probably too much of a Firebird
> newbie to realize how to make it not cache the result sets like this,
> but does anyone have any pointers? Can I do something akin to SELECT
> NO_CACHE and have firebird fetch a fresh resultset?

Firebird doesn't cache result sets, but what you see is the expected
behavior of repeatable results within single SNAPSHOT transaction. You
have to commit the current one and start new transaction to see updates
committed by others since your transaction started, or use READ
COMMITTED transaction.

best regards
Pavel Cisar