Subject Re: Performance
Author pokka_chi
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> 1. The first time the server attempts to open the database, WinXP
> jumps in and locks the file whilst it takes a disk-image copy of
> the entire file. This is happening because your database has
> the ".gdb" extension.

I've renamed it to fdb but still long time for the first query after
cold boot. By the way, update a single record the first time after
cold boot is also slow.

> 2. AVG is probably then stepping in and virus-checking what WinXP
> has just written to disk.

May be. But a simple select with only one record returned should not
have many things to write to the disk.

> 3. IBOConsole is a client application. One of its features is
> is queries the entire metadata of the database and caches it upon
> your initial connection.

I also worried that it was IBOConsole that caused the problem. So I
wrote a simple program in Delphi 7 using DBExpress. The result is
the same intensive disk access for the first query after cold boot.

> 4. If you do an ordered query and the server needs to write an
> intermediate sort file to your temp disk space, it's likely that
> will interfere with that, too. It won't be an issue with a query
> returning one record, however.

Exactly. It is such a simple query locating a record with the
primary key.