Subject Re: Performance
Author pokka_chi
--- In, "Peter Turner"
<PeterTurner@...> wrote:
> Just another observation.....on my Windows 2000 box, if I try to open
> applications immediately after I've started the machine (eg. haven't
> given the machine time to completely finish starting up), the
> applications take a long time to start up (Outlook, Word, etc.). If I
> allow the machine to completely come up, then start the applications,
> they're up in a flash. (I'm a believer that if the message
says "ready
> to log in", the system should be completely ready - but I know it's
> Maybe the scenario described here could be similar? Maybe give the
> system a chance to finish coming up and then start the application.

Yes, I notice that too. That's why I wait until the PC hard
disk "settles" down before doing the test.