Subject Fb on Vista
Author mustbeemonty
With the security database being in C:\Program Files\Firebird which is
a protected location on vista how does fb fair?
i.e. If user one enters new users into the security.fdb, being in a
protected location vista will Virtualise security.fdb to that users
personal store location. That user will then see 'that copy' each time
they view the security.fdb. If another user edited the security.fdb the
same would occur. We now have 2 copies in different locations, with the
original security.fdb not being updated?
Question? When a user logs on to use any fdb and fb looks for their
user credentials I assume it will look at the original security.fdb,
which would not have been updated?
(I have read suggestions that C:\Program Files\... could just be
bypassed to get normal read/write access, so in the case of fb one
might install in C:\Firebird, but as I understand in Vista most of the
drive on which the O/S is installed is a protected area so this would
not work.)
I do not have vista to test this yet, has anyone tested this senorio to
see if this is the case on vista, and if so, is there a solution?