Subject Re: Running Firebird 1.5 and Firebird 2.0 Concurrently
Author martinthrelly
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> hello marcin
> i have download the instsvc.exe from Firebird 2.1. i download the
> zipped archive install set for Firebird 2.0.1. i successfully
> installed the new Firebird 2.0.1 service by placing the newer
> instsvc.exe into the bin directory of my 2.0.1 archive then running it
> from there.
> but i still need to install Firebird 2.0.1? and its still bleating
> about a previous install found.
> ive just spent half an hour on this to no avail. if its not too much
> trouble could you supply me with some clear idiot proof instructions
> on how i do this as i seem to be going round in circles. thanks.