Subject Re: switching over to Classic server
Author siscocorp
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

We have thought about trying to reduce the 'footprint' by adjusting
the settings you mentioned. All settings in the firebird.conf are
set to the default values. Unless we are misunderstanding the
settings, we don't see how that could make enough of a difference to
matter. Could someone please clarify or point us in the direction
of the details regarding these settings? Thanks.

Also, we are planning to investigate at the transaction level to see
if there are transactions being left open. There seems to be a time
component to the memory 'ramp-up' which causes the server to crash.
We are not sure if this is just due to usage or if there are flaws
in our transaction handling.

We have analyzed all queries being run by all users and the queries
have all returned in more than acceptable time frames.

Also, we were planning to run fbserver in debug mode, but aren't
sure what that will actually tell us in regard to memory. Anyone
know if the debug version will be helpful in this case?