Subject Re: Running out of database!
Author derryckw
--- In, "hay77772000" <dhay@...>
> Hi,
> We have a series of severs that are each running Tomcat, and load
> balanced through Apache. They all share the same firebird database
> a dedicated machine on the backend - v1.5. We initially started
> SuperServer, but had stability and other problems with that, so we
> switched to Classic. Each server uses a db connection pool with
> approx 30 connections.
> When we scale up, we seem to hit a wall at around 7 servers, where
> database machine cannot keep up.
> Can anyone suggest ways that we can get around this issue? Does
> anyone have experience with some of the other "commercial" dbs -
> Oracle/Sql Server etc.? Would switching to one of these likely
help us?
> many thanks,
> David


some tips:

If you use classic keep the buffers low something like 512 or lower.

sometimes you may need to increase "LockHashSlots" in firebird.conf

use latest firebird jdbc driver 2.1.1.
try adding to your connection string the folowing param