Subject Re: a few How To......s
Author yogiyang007

> You can only get users logged in into a specific database
> by using the Services API.

This means that one cannot also get thelist of all the databases
present on the DataServer (this is separate computer).

> Firebird doesn't have registered databases on the server
> side. It does have the "aliasses.conf" file, but as far as I
> know, you cannot retrieve the list from the client.

If we cannot retry aliases.conf file we cannot find the actual
databases that exist. That is bad news for me.

> by issueing:
> select * from rdb$relations where rdb$view_blr is null
> and rdb$system_flag is null or rdb$system_flag = 0

This means I will have to mess with SystemTable for this. That is a
bit frightning for me as I am a beginner in FB.

Isn't there SQL Select facility like 'SELECT * FROM Tab' to retrive a
list of all the Tables in a database?

> See rdb$relation_fields

Again it is frightining to mess with System Table.

I think there should be some facility for retriving the complete
Schema of a Database.

Does any know of any such Undocumented function or has any created any
UDF for this?

Thanks for your Help.