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Author Adam
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> 17 Apr 2007 03:32:52 -0700, yogiyang007 <yogiyang007@...>:
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> > I have a few very basic queries.
> >
> > I am learning to use FireBird from VB.
> >
> > I am currently using Oracle for all my database requirements. I want
> > to swtich to FB.
> >
> > Here are a few of my requirements.
> >
> > Once logged in as Administator
> >
> > 1. how can we get list of users currently logged in?

Only possible through Superserver where all connections are handled
through a single process. If you use Classic, each connection gets its
own server instance, so you will always get yourself as the only
connection. This is true on Windows or Linux.

It is of course relatively simple to design your own tables to store
users as they are 'logged in'. You would need to build in some sort of
keepalive field in case the connection is dropped in a not-so-nice manner.

> > 2. how can we get list of all the database registered with FB?

Databases are not registered. The database path is either provided by
the client or there is an aliases.conf file where you can define
database file locations. Firebird.conf has options to lock down where
the databases may reside.

My understanding is that there is no way to broadcast to the clients a
list of all databases, and from a security perspective this is
probably a good thing. There is however nothing stopping you from
writing a service or daemon that could interrogate the aliases.conf to
meet this requirement. If Firebird was ever enhanced to provide this
functionality, I would hope by default it had to be specifically
enabled first.