Subject Re: [firebird-support] a few How To......s
Author Daniel Albuschat
17 Apr 2007 03:32:52 -0700, yogiyang007 <yogiyang007@...>:
> I have a few very basic queries.
> I am learning to use FireBird from VB.
> I am currently using Oracle for all my database requirements. I want
> to swtich to FB.
> Here are a few of my requirements.
> Once logged in as Administator
> 1. how can we get list of users currently logged in?
> 2. how can we get list of all the database registered with FB?
> 3. how can we get list of all the tables in a particular database?
> 4. how can we get list of all the fields in a particular table?

In Addition to Martijn's answer:

Most likely you're using a way other than the firebird-API to handle
your database connection and queries. I guess most of the functionality
you asked for is part of that toolkit you use to connect, so you should
look at your classes/toolkit's online-help to find out what is possible and
what is not.

Regarding the logged in user: If firebird is installed as Classic Server
on a UNIX system (I'm not sure how the Windows-version behaves here),
you will only see your own connection, because the other connections
are handled by individual firebird-processes.

Make sure you use super-server if you want to know all the users connected
to your database.

As Martijn said, 2.) is not possible. I guess 3.) and 4.) can be easily solved
with your database-acccess-toolkit's functions.

Daniel Albuschat
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