Subject Re: a few How To......s
Author yogiyang007

> In Addition to Martijn's answer:
> Most likely you're using a way other than the firebird-API to handle
> your database connection and queries. I guess most of the functionality
> you asked for is part of that toolkit you use to connect, so you should
> look at your classes/toolkit's online-help to find out what is
possible and
> what is not.

I am trying to use CherryCity's OLEDB Provider with ADODB from VB 6.

I know Delphi and have got Delphi 6/7 Personal Edition also.

> Regarding the logged in user: If firebird is installed as Classic Server
> on a UNIX system (I'm not sure how the Windows-version behaves here),
> you will only see your own connection, because the other connections
> are handled by individual firebird-processes.
> Make sure you use super-server if you want to know all the users
> to your database.

I have installed FB as Super Server not the Classic one. How can we
get all the Users? I have seen this perform in EMS SQL Manager for

Is it possible from VB?

Thank you,

Yogi Yang