Subject php interbase extension - is it possible to use it without defining service number of 'gds_db'?
Author David Wishnie

We have an application that uses Firebird server bundled with it. Firebird
runs as super server.

The problem is that php extension for working with firebird doesn't work if
port number for 'gds_db' service is not defined (in /etc/services on unix,
or in c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/services on windows). Firebird starts
just fine, but PHP extension doesn't work.

Is it possible to not require this service to be defined in etc/services ?
We would like our application to be portable (i.e. work without
installation) and being able to run as non-admin user. If app is run as
admin, we can add definition of the services to etc/services.

If it's currently impossible to do this, I guess at least for windows
hacking source for gds32.dll can be a solution. Could you please tell in
which package the source code is located?

Thanks in advance,

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