Subject Firebird 2.0.1 Trigger Update Crashes
Author koraycayiroglu

I try to make an update operation on my db file. firstiful, i close
all the triggers then make the update operation and after i open all
the triggers back. I can do it in 1.5.x but in 2.x firebird crashes.

I close all the triggers by sql then make a commit( not
commitretaining). SQL's are ok but in commit operation system doesn't
respond. But if i do this operation step by step i mean close one
trigger then commit it takes too much time but succesful. But after
the update operation while i try yo active my triggers which i do step
by step then i taken an error message "Database lost conneciton" all
the time.

There is no problem with 1.5.x. Is the anyone can help?